COVID Vaccine Centres

As a UK manufacturer it’s important that we are able to supply our customers with what they need, meeting their demand every time. COVID has forced all businesses to change and to make work life safe and secure as we live through an uncertain time.

The COVID vaccine has been a massive breakthrough and has given a sense of relief, but has meant further changes for schools, governments, the NHS and many other areas. Many buildings and businesses are being converted into COVID vaccine centres, and we’ve been supporting those businesses.

In order to transform a large hall or open venue, it will require privacy and safety measures. As with all COVID and social distancing screening, a wipeable surface is preferable. White gloss and acrylic finishes are the ideal choice when it come to COVID related needs.

White gloss laminate can be wiped clean but has a dual purpose. The laminate is REACH compliant and can also accept white board pens. The drywipe surface will be useful for education and training academy’s, especially when exams are rescheduled.

Adding privacy is also a factor, so each vaccine space should be a cubicle or a shielded area for privacy but also for safety purposes. Portable and foldable room dividers have become a popular choice for the vaccine booths. This is because the panels are discreet and also protect from contact with others who are being vaccinated.

As mentioned previously, different venues have stepped up to offer their unused space. Which means the areas are only temporary and need flexibility when it comes to screening. The portable screening solutions can be arranged and installed with ease, but doesn’t have to be a permanent feature.

A lightweight and concertina design ensures when not in use the versatile COVID screening can be cleaned, stored and used in the future for more positive events and engagements.