Working within a light and bright room can provide many benefits but not every working space or office has full length windows with the access to regular daylight. With the magic of office design and making the correct changes, there’s more than just one way to turn your dim and dark office space into a light and airy space.

Freshen Up

If you’re looking to complete a full revamp, then going back to basics with the four walls you sit in is a good place to start. A lick of paint could be all you need to lighten your space. Step away from deep dark colours such as reds and blues and move to the more neutral options of white and magnolia.

Whilst the neutral paint isn’t for everyone, you can add your custom furnishing to inject colour and personality.

New Lighting

Adding brighter lights seems like the obvious option however, it needs to be done correctly. Positioning and light type is key if you’re looking for the natural glow of day light.

Speaking to a professional will ensure the right lighting will not trigger headaches and provide an unsightly yellow glow to your office space.

Acrylic Desktop Screens

Acrylic screening has increased in popularity over recent months due to COVID-19 and social distancing but this doesn’t mean they didn’t have a perfectly good use before.

Offices are still stuck between open plan and partitioned offices; the acrylic desktop screen provides a solution ideal for both sides of the on-going disagreement.

Acrylic will create clear division between your desktops and workspace but won’t block or shield any light that may be coming into the office. This way the light can shine through the entire room.

Reflective Surfaces

A non-intrusive method to increase brightness and natural light within your space. Mirrors are as reflective as they come and will provide the illusion of a brighter room and even make the space feel larger.

They take little time to mount, add to your office design and use no floor space. So even if your office is dark due to being on the smaller side, a sleek, modern mirror won’t use any of your precious space.

By implementing some if not all of our tips, you’ll be on your way to reviving your office space and enhancing the overall brightness.